WinCE/Redoc.F Removal

WinCE/Redoc.F is a trojan that tries to send a text message (SMS) to a premium number and rack up expensive charges to the owner of the phone that is infected. While WinCE/Redoc isn’t a new virus the F variant is a relatively new mobile trojan and has only been reported out in the wild since early June of 2010. Anyone using a Windows Mobile device will want to be especially careful about the programs they are installing. WinCE/Redoc.F can’t be installed on a device without the owner’s permission so it’s best to maintain a level of awareness about all applications you willingly install.

WinCE/Redoc.F Removal
It’s incredibly difficult to find proper instructions for WinCE/Redoc.F removal but hopefully a few of these links will point you in the right direction:


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